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Sunday, 9 February 2014

What are the key leadership challenges for nonprofit organisations? - Read the 'Not-for-Profit Leadership Cahllenges Survey 2014 Report' to find out

What do you believe are the key leadership challenges for the not-for-profit sector? Are these challenges reflected in the effectiveness of your management teams? Are they impacted by the ability or otherwise of your organisation’s adaptability to change? To what extent do your leaders posses a good balance between technical and people skills? Is your board providing true value to your organisation? How effective are the teams within your organisation? Is your CEO the initiator and driver of change and if so how effective is this? Are your employees adequately engaged with the key priorities of your organisation? Does your strategic plan have an effective monitoring process that supports it? Is your internal communication processes effective and efficient? Does the culture of your organisation support the achievement of your mission?
In 2013, these were the questions that I, and a consulting colleague ‘Growing People+Organisations’, put to a wide cross-section of not-for-profit leaders throughout Australia via an online survey, and the results are now available in the recently released paper entitled “Not-for-Profit Leadership Challenges Survey 2014 Report”
Key findings identified in the Report included:
-          More than half the leaders surveyed believe they are challenged by the ineffectiveness of their leadership team
-          Just over half are concerned about their organisation’s change ability
-          More than half see their leadership teams lacking the required leadership skills
-          One quarter of leaders feel they do not have a Board that adds value
-          The majority of leaders see evidence of effective teamwork in their organisation
-          Two thirds feel that the management team rely too heavily on the CEO to initiate change
Comments provided by respondents also highlighted that the amount of change and the challenges in seeing through the complexities and ambiguities was their greatest worry. Additionally, there was a clear indication in the results that NFP organisations are going through significant change and rapid growth at present and need to adapt their approach using strategic and change management skills more. As a result more CEOs are looking to recruit leaders with those skills rather than just the technical skills they looked for in the past.
Finally, leaders saw a need for more leadership development, including building change management skills. With regards the Disability Care sector, whilst the provision of resources and funding for up skilling organisations and leaders had begun, there was clearly a need to ensure all organisations can access these resources.
The Report also identified a detailed suite of solutions available to address these challenges. OPTIMUM NFP in conjunction with the collaborating partner is well versed in dealing with these challenges with a wealth of experience that can be harnessed to meet the needs of your organisation.
Should you wish to receive a copy of the Not-for-Profit Leadership Challenges Survey 2014 Report you can either contact me via email or alternatively visit the OPTIMUM NFP website and request a copy through the ‘Publications’ tab. You can also contact David Rosenbaum of OPTIMUM NFP for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your organisation’s leadership challenges.

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