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Monday, 11 January 2016

The CEO Roundtable Launches

“The quality of a leader cannot be judged by the answers he gives, but by the questions he asks.” [Simon Sinek]
OPTIMUM NFP is pleased to announce the launch of the CEO Roundtable “(CEOR”), designed exclusively for CEOs of nonprofit organisations. This professional learning forum supports the ongoing development of CEOs through facilitated discussion and peer support
Being the CEO of an organisation is often referred to as a lonely position. The business challenges are coupled with the organisational challenges, which in turn are overlayed with the challenges of simply being the leader.
Would you like the opportunity to meet with other CEOs to
  • have a sounding board when your work as an organisational leader challenges the status quo?
  • Share your experiences, discuss challenges and collaboratively seek solutions?
  • Challenge your thinking so that you achieve better organisational and personal outcomes?
  • Benchmark yourself and performance through open and honest reflection?
  • Seek strategies for supporting, developing or improving your Board’s governance?
The CEO Roundtable will:
  • Be professionally facilitated with a structured agenda that combines free flowing discussion with focussed attention to pertinent issues, ensuring a positive experience for all
  • Offer a confidential and emotionally safe environment in which you can exchange ideas, challenge your own and peer thinking
  • Hear from invited guest speakers who are recognised experts in relevant fields when appropriate to the group’s needs
  • Foster and support new and existing professional networks
How the CEOR will work?
  • The CEOR will comprise a series of 10 monthly professionally facilitated sessions, each of 3-hours duration
  • The agenda will be structured to provide for reflection on achievements and information sharing; identification of challenges and issues pertinent to the sector with solutions focussed discussion and; specific topic discussion
  • The group will be self governing and responsible for setting key components of the agenda for each meeting
Where will the CEOR sessions be held?
  • Sydney sessions will be held at the offices of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management. These sessions will be fully catered.
  • Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide sessions will be held in similar venues with full catering available
David Rosenbaum is an internationally accredited facilitator and a highly experienced consultant to Government, commercial and in particular, the Australian not for profit sector. Within a professional learning framework, David’s group facilitation skills successfully foster peer support, increase positive networking outcomes and encourage individual personal and professional development.
What is the financial commitment to become a member of the CEOR?
  • Annual membership of $3,100 plus GST covering 10 CEOR sessions.
  • Membership fee becomes payable in full upon registration
  • To ensure the integrity of the group’s intent, participants are encouraged to commit to regular personal attendance. Proxies cannot be used to cover absences
For further information, contact David Rosenbaum of OPTIMUM NFP or visit the Website and click on the tab entitled "The CEO Roundtable"

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