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Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Enduring Challenge of Change Management - New Perspectives from Nonprofit Healthcare Practice

This is the title of my recently submitted PhD thesis. After 7 interesting and productive years, it has just been submitted to my supervisors for final review at Macquarie University Faculty of Business and Economics. I have been living and breathing this activity throughout this period, not just for the purposes of my thesis but also through its application in my consulting activities. Merging the PhD research activities with my consulting activities has also been challenging, but again, very professionally and personally rewarding.

The thesis includes 4 published articles in peer reviewed journals as well as one article that was only recently submitted for review. Additionally it was the product of 6 international and domestic conferences. Many of the articles appear on my OPTIMUM NFP website. These articles (some of which are not yet publicly available as they are still going through the review and/or publication process) form relevant chapters in m,y submission and the details appear as follows:

  • "Planned organisational change management - forward to the past" which has been accepted for publication in July 2017 in the Journal of Organizational Change Management

  • "Applying grounded theory to investigating change management in the nonprofit sector" which was published in 2016 in Sage Open
  • "A longitudinal qualitative case study of change in nonprofits: Suggesting a new approach to the management of change" which was published in June 2016 in the Journal of Management & Organisation
  • "Action Learning intervention as a change management strategy in the Disability Services sector - A case study" which was published in the Action learning Action Research Journal in 2013
  • "The role of reflection in planned organizational change" which was submitted to the Journal of General Management in July 2017 and is currently being assessed

Given this research has been an integral part of my consulting activities over this period, I would be keen to discuss the findings from this research with those of you who have a need to review and consider how you deal with change in your own organisations.

Contact David Rosenbaum of OPTIMUM NFP at of 0411-744-911 for a no-obligation discussion about your nonprofit's circumstances and requirements in this area.

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